Mold/Biotoxin Illness Treatment Plan

This step-by-step treatment plan was developed during clinical trials. Skipping a step can result in failure of recovery for the patient. MMP-9, VEGF, C4a, and TGF beta-1 labs and VCS are monitored at each step. The clinical trials did each step for at least 30 days before moving onto the next one once the labs were within normal range. For MSH normal range is 35-81 not 0-40.

1) Removal from exposure. ERMI environmental mold tests if necessary.

2) Treatment with Cholestyramine 4x a day or Welchol 2 pills 2x a day for at least one month and ongoing depending on Visual Contrast Sensitivity.

3) Eradication of biofilm-forming coagulase negative staphylococci.

4) Discontinuance of consumption of gluten if tests positive for antigliadin antibody titer (three months minimum required).

5) Correction of abnormalities in androgens.

6) Correction of abnormalities in regulation of salt and water with synthetic Desmopressin as shown by simultaneous ADH and Osmolality.

7) Normalizing MMP-9 with Pioglitazone 45 mg daily.

8) Normalizing VEGF with high dose Omega-3 fish oils (4.2 grams daily).

9) Correction of C3a with high dose statins.

10) Attempting to correct C4a with Erythropoietin but only if entry criteria met.

11) Attempting to correct TGF beta-1 with Losartan 25 mg daily, monitoring blood pressure carefully.

12) Normalize VIP with 50 mcg VIP nasal spray 4x a day to start and slowly decreasing over the course of 12-18 months.

13) Check patient for symptoms and progress off medications.

sources:, lab tests, lab orders, research paper (pdf): Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) corrects chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) acquired following exposure to water-damaged buildings

2 thoughts on “Mold/Biotoxin Illness Treatment Plan

  1. JAllen

    Could you tell me what the dosage and treatment length Dr. Klinghardt recommends of using propolis for raising MSH? Thank you for sharing!


    1. The Objective Nutritionist Post author

      The Klinghardt Protocol recommends 10-30 drops of a 20-25% propolis tincture up to 3x a day for 30 days. I had a hard time taking tincture so switched to 500mg capsules. I saw very little improvement in my MSH levels, though.



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